need know Amethyst

All you need to know about Amethyst

Let’s talk about amethyst. 
What a stone, varying from lavender tones to green to deep purple. It’s a beauty. 
Amethyst is a form of quartz, impurities (aluminium and iron) in the quartz cause it’s beautiful colours and the concentration of them determines the depth of colour.

Natural formed geodes can take millions of years to form and most will have been developing since prehistoric times! Amethyst is most commonly found in Brazil and Uruguay but deposits are found elsewhere.  

The names comes from Greek “amethystos” meaning sober as it was thought that amethyst could prevent you from getting drunk. 

Amethyst symbolises purification, wisdom, balance and tranquility. 

This February birthstone packs a lot of punch and is beautiful to boot! 

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