Chief shipping officer security guard

Chief shipping officer and our security guard

It seems no small business is complete without some furry friends. Some are mascots, some companions, ours however have very specific job roles.

First our cat, his name is Mouse and he is deaf. He has a love of singing the song of his people, loudly at the most in opportune moments (such as when we have just got the baby to sleep). His other interests include eating polythene, jumping out on the dog and packaging of any kind. As such his job is Chief Shipping Officer and he oks every parcel that gets sent out.

Our dog Luna is a whippet. Her interests include basking by the fire, hiding from any loud noise and playing dress up with our toddler. She loves Mouse and like any sibling they like to snuggle up together but also play fight all day long. Luna is also uniquely driven by the need to bark at dogs/the door/or anything blown by the wind. As such she is our security guard and no one gets into the house without a good shouting at by Luna. I can’t really break it to her that we don’t need a security guard, she seems to have decided it’s necessary and who am I to ruin her fun?!

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