Fascinating facts about sapphires!

Fascinating facts about sapphires!

Sapphires are mostly thought of in blue tones, however sapphires come in almost every colour. Red sapphires are more commonly know as rubies! The word sapphire comes from the Latin and Greek words for blue; sapphirus and sappheiros.

Sapphires are a very hard stone, measuring 9/10 on the MOHS scale, the only stone that is harder is diamond.

Throughout history various cultures have attributed mystical powers to sapphires, including heavenly powers, truth, innocence, peace, and good health. In ancient times it was believed that sapphires protected their wearers from evil.

Deep blue sapphires have long been associated with royalty (which likely contributed to the naming of the colour “royal blue”). Royal blue sapphires were often worn by medieval kings, some of whom believed that the gemstones would protect them from their enemies.

Sapphires are not only beautiful stones but they are also the birthstone for September babies, lucky them! They are one of my favourite stones, I might say that a lot, but I’m a jeweller! Surely I am allowed lots of favourites?

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