Gemstone adjustable handmade silver and gold rings

Gemstone adjustable handmade silver and gold rings

 One thing that always gets noticed at shows and events is that all my rings are adjustable. Not pinchy, uncomfortable and temporary but made from noble metals, sturdy and comfortable adjustable rings.

The story behind this is spread over many years, failed designs and deliberations. It began when my sisters were pregnant and their rings didn’t fit their hands. My lovely mum has arthritis in her hands, so her knuckles are large and her fingers are smaller, this can cause rings to spin on her fingers which is pretty annoying! These things got me thinking about my own experiences with rings and the fact I had summer and winter rings to compensate for the change in finger size as the seasons changed. I thought about weight loss, weight gain, illness, pregnancy, the seasons, age, arthritis. The list goes on; there are so many reasons that our fingers can change.

It felt sad to me that you might have a much loved ring that pinches in the summer and spins in the winter and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could wear your favourite ring all year.

I began to make prototypes and now have various designs which are adjustable and comfortable for all day, everyday wear.

I love that customers come to me and for whatever reason haven’t worn rings for years, these designs enable them to wear rings again and spreading a little joy is a wonderful thing to be able to do.

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