Happy New Year. Whatever that means for you.

Happy New Year. Whatever that means for you.

I am not making any resolutions this year; it’s never really been my thing anyway but this year has been a big one for us. I’ve been constantly learning, re-evaluating and adapting to be a full-time mum/ part time jeweller. As a family we have grown together, learnt to be parents and how to give our little girl the best life we can. I am so proud of us and feel so blessed that resolutions feel obsolete, which is a wonderful feeling.

To all of you starting afresh, making big changes or little ones, I hope your resolutions make you happier and your 2020 is all that you hope for and dream of.

To everyone who can’t be bothered with it at all or if this time of year is tough for you for whatever reason; I hope you can stride into the new year with a new found hope and keen determination.

I wish each and every one of you so much wonder and joy in 2020.

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