June's birthstone, beautiful alexandrite

It’s June! And what a month...this month our second baby will be born, hopefully very soon indeed.

It’s so beautiful in the garden, our flowers are erupting everywhere and the sun is finally shining (a little).

June is the month for pearls and alexandrite and a more modern addition to June’s birthstone collection is moonstone.

I’ll write a little bit about each birthstone in a different blog post, this time I’ll look at alexandrite.

Alexandrite is a uniquely special stone for several reasons, firstly in its natural form, it is incredibly rare and expensive. Owning the tiniest piece will set you back several hundreds of pounds. It is rarer and more expensive than diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

The other amazing thing about alexandrite is that it is a colour change stone. In daylight it exhibits a blue-green hue and in electric light it appears a purple- red.

Alexandrite is said to be healing, calming and to bring good fortune. Aside from being utterly beautiful, who are we to argue with those attributes?

Although genuine, natural alexandrite is hard to come by, if you really have your heart set on owning this fabulous stone, I have managed to source lab grown alexandrite which is usually flawless and just as lovely to wear.

I own a piece myself!

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