Kinetic jewellery

Kinetic jewellery - handmade moving jewellery

I have always had a fascination with anything miniature, I remember my mum gave me a nutmeg grater for Christmas when I was a child because of my love of tiny things!

Kinetic jewellery fit perfectly into that obsession, a tiny miniature world that moves and changes.

Since I very first started playing with jewellery making I dreamed of making interactive pieces, jewellery that opened, changed and moved. I didn’t think I had the skill, I didn’t have the ability. After all I’m self taught, I’m not a REAL jeweller (hello imposter syndrome!).

Then one day I decided to try. No one would know if it didn’t work. But it did work and now here we are with a running hare and a woodpecker. I have plenty more designs in the pipeline too, it’s probably one of the most exciting things I’ve made and I’m so pleased you love them too!

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