Larimar - the stone of peace and clarity

Larimar - the stone of peace and clarity

Larimar is a beautiful stone of the palest blue, to me it often looks like lace or a water colour painting.

I always want to work with larimar more, but it’s not the easiest stone to source. This is largely because it is only found in the Dominican Republic. Pectolite, the mineral that actually forms the stone is found worldwide but the copper traces that create the beautiful blue colours alongside this mineral only in the Dominican Republic.

Just as the blue of the ocean is often used to symbolize tranquillity, many believe that Larimar brings peace and serenity to those who own it. Larimar guards within itself the essence of air and water. The water, linked with birth, fertility, cleansing and heart's emotion; and the air that represents the mind’s power, communication, and new life.

Though locally abundant, Larimar is a very rare gem. Larimar is only found in only one square kilometre of dense rainforest in the Dominican Republic, Moreover, large stones with good colour and quality are especially unusual to find.

If larimar is the stone for you, simply use my search function to see what one of a kind pieces I have available or commission me to make a piece just for you!

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