May at home - Lockdown 2020

May at home - Lockdown 2020

May is a busy old time in our family with three birthdays, it’s lots of parties, cake and gifts all round.

I really love May, I’m not a fan of scorching sun but May is usually warm not hot and blissful. The flowers all start to pop open in the garden and the beaches are usually quiet too.

This year May will look so different for everyone. For us, there won’t be parties but I’m sure we will all make cake (if we can find the flour!). Celebrations will feel different of course but celebrating quietly and from afar is a gift because we are all well and healthy and that in itself is a blessing right now.

I hope you are finding things to enjoy; the flowers, the sunshine or just a cup of tea.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in my business.

Stay well and hopeful my friends.


Louella x

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