Sea glass - Where to find it, how to find it and when to find it.

Sea glass - Where to find it, how to find it and when to find it.


Sea glass collection 

Sea glass, a perfect blend of man made waste and natures touch.

I love sea glass, I remember when I was little I thought it was mermaids’ jewels, perhaps it actually is? My sister taught me to beach comb, as I would race back and forth across the sand and into the water, I remember watching her silently, slowly and methodically walking the tide line.

Being 12 years older I always looked up to and so I would copy her habit, desperate to impress her with a special find.

Cowry shells were highly prized as was sea glass. Amy always had the keenest eye and found the best treasures, she still does to be honest!

As an adult, whenever I am at the beach, my eyes are drawn to my feet as I walk, scanning the sand for the promise of some treasure, my pockets full of salty shells and glass. My husband is an excellent sea glass hunter and finds almost all my blue and red sea glass, I’m never sure how he finds the rarest colours but I gratefully accept it. The best thing is that now our daughters have copied us and I see them searching for their own treasure amongst the pebbles.


When to find sea glass.

As I’ve mentioned, sea glass is treasure and like all treasure, you’re not the only one hoping to find some. So the top layer of sand on a busy summers day is less likely to be fruitful. I have found that the winter is an excellent time to hunt sea glass and particularly after a storm. The sea churns up the sand and lifts buried pieces which can leave them visible.


Where to find sea glass.

Each sea glass hunter has their secret spots and most won’t give you any clues, however it’s worth noting that beaches around ports and harbours can be excellent for sea glass as a lot of glass ends up in the water. You can also research were archaic rubbish drops were as this can unearth a good spot.


How to find sea glass.

As I’ve mentioned a really meditative way to find sea glass is just to walk watching your feet, your eyes may pick up the flash of blue or green and it’s a very pleasant way to spend some time. However, and equally productive way that I discovered when my first daughter wasn’t quite crawling, but wanted to be in the sand, was just to sit. Sit and rake your hands through the sand. This is a lovely way to find treasures and makes it more accessible if you can’t walk far for whatever reason.


However and wherever you find your sea glass, I hope you find huge joy in it just as I have. I love to make pieces of jewellery using your own sea glass. Pieces that holds special memories for you and if you would like your own commission made, please do send me a message.

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