Turquoise - December’s birthstone and 11 year anniversary stone!

Turquoise - December’s birthstone and 11 year anniversary stone!

Beautiful blue/green turquoise is the designated birthstone for the month of December (with zircon and tanzanite). It is also the gemstone for the 11th wedding anniversary.

The word turquoise dates to the 17th century and is derived from the French turquois meaning "Turkish" because the mineral was first brought to Europe through Turkey.

The finest of turquoise reaches a maximum MOHS rating of just under 6, or slightly more than window glass.

Turquoise is sacred to many Native Americans. In the past, Native Americans would use it as a shaman’s stone, which were stones believed to have strong metaphysical properties for spiritual growth.

In the ancient Persian Empire, turquoise was worn around the neck or wrist to help protect one’s self from unnatural death.

Turquoise is formed when water enters an iron-rich limonite or sandstone that contains copper, aluminum and other minerals. It takes millions of years and the right conditions for turquoise to be formed. The gemstone’s blue color can be attributed to the presence of copper while the presence of aluminum adds a greenish hue to the gem.

Turquoise may contain narrow vein-like markings of its host rock. These markings are known as the matrix. Limonite creates a dark brown marking while sandstone creates tan markings. The presence of a matrix can lower the value of a turquoise.



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