This crazy life!

This crazy life!


I’m sorry it’s been so long since I said hello or shared any jewellery with you.

I’m still here and will be making again at some point.

I shared briefly on my socials that in August we welcome our beautiful 3rd daughter into our clan. She is a very relaxed, happy baby who is a joy to be near. Her sisters are quite besotted and it’s as if she always was here.

Life as a family of 5 (3 children under 5) is certainly an adjustment. The days are busy, happy and chaotic just as they should be.

Unfortunately I’ve been really unwell since our babe arrived, I had surgery and recovery has been slow, painful and honestly I’m still no where near my “normal”. I hope I will get there but this in itself is a big adjustment as I’m a very busy, active person usually and suddenly I’m not able to be.

Thank you for following my work, my journey and for your patience. Mostly thank you so much for your orders. They enable me to keep the fires burning until I can make some new pieces for you.

With love and gratitude,


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